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Prequel - AS3 Preloader
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Author: Jeff dePascale (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: March 25, 2009 1:44 AM
Version: 1.0
Views: 29,209
Downloads: 2,064
License: BSD


Prequel is a complete preloading solution for Actionscript 3 Flash development. Prequel has the following capabilities:

* loading of the container SWF

* Client caching of external files of any type handled by Flash, such as SWF, JPG, PNG, and others, as well as those not handled by Flash directly, such as PDF and EXE files

* Aggregate, weighted percentage information for all files being loaded, as well as complete bytesLoaded and bytesTotal information, file info, and more via the custom PROGRESS event

* For FLV and MP3 files, the option to buffer those media files to a specified to percentage

* XML and URLVariables loading from an external source can be preloaded directly into objects ready for parsing when the COMPLETE event is fired.

* Bandwidth detection that returns bandwidth information based on the preload time and size in kbps and time in seconds, to the hundreth of a second (see BandwidthDetection class in the Prequel package)

See quick start PDF for detailed implementation, Class file documentation can be found in the documentation folder in the package download and online at http://www.jeffdepascale.com/blog/documentation/

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